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TO SEE MY BIRTH TIME INFORMATION IN AUSTRIA - VERY CLOSE TO bein hashmashot, the period of twilight between night and day


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Birth Certificate 

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Pertinent Details

           Birth Certificate showing Birth Date and Birth Time - 6:15PM.


Austria > Salzburg > Sankt Johann Im Pongau > Hüttschlag

Approximate distance in miles from Bad Hofgastein Austria 
to Huttschlag Austria in a straight line is 6 miles or 9.65 Kilometers

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Greater Europe

December 31, 1946/ ח-ט טבת תש"ז

Standard Times

Bad Hofgastein, Austria
WGS84 47° 10′ 0″ N, 13° 12′ 0″ E
47.166667, 13.2

Nightfall - R' Tam   צאת הכוכבים - רבינו תם
Fixed 72 minutes after sunset 5:39:05 72 דקות שוות אחר השקיעה
72 minutes as 16.1 degrees See Note 6:06:51 72 דקות במעלות
Proportional Hour   שעה זמנית
Gra & Baal Tanya 0:42:47 גר"א ובעל התניא

Computation by Degrees Explained
This point can be identified astronomically according to the position of the sun.
Where is the sun 72 minutes before sunrise, on an equinox day, in Yerushalayim? The answer is, 16.1 degrees below the horizon. As such, Alos can be defined for all settings, as the time when the sun 
reaches 16.1 degrees below the horizon.
According to this interpretation, Alos HaShachar has the same appearance during all seasons of the year, anywhere in the world.
This example involves Alos HaShachar, but the same method can be applied to calculate Tzes HaKochavim and Misheyakir  
by interpreting the figures of the Gemara and Poskim in this way.