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MOTZEI SHABBOS 8:22 PM 1/28/2012

Slept most of the Saturday.
4:50 PM was candle lighting.
5:50 Pm was Motzei.
5:40 PM left for J shule.

On the way Feivel Offman shouted"Chaim"1 He came across the street and in his sarcastic tone shook my hand and told me he davened maariv at Ohel moshe. I was entirely polite.

I continued on to the J and at the J I asked security, the goy and another persson, if the J stays open betwee now and 7:00 PM at which time activities start. They said it stays open continuous until 10:00 PM.

At the J they were in the middle of Mariv. Reb Pollack greeted me and asked if I could come for Sunday Shachris because the Rabbi won't be there.I told her no. She asked if I was sure, I said yes!

Afterwards I over heard the Reb shnoozing with the tall, slim, balck clothes man that at 6:45 AM in the morning they have a flight to go somewhere.
In my mind I thought that I will attend morning services in spite of the fact that I told the Reb, no.

After mariv I went in to the shule (it is in the Cjinese music room, since the community room had a Russsian Red Army exhibition, so they used the music room for shule, like in the summer months when air conditioning is too cosltly for the much larger community room) and shmoozed with the Rab and mentioned that I heard that you are traveling tomorrow and we'll miss you for minyon. He said he was going to Florida to visit a sick person and will send a substitute to stand in for him - in contrast to the Reb saying that the minyon will be scarce.

Seems that the Reb and Rab are differing a phenomenon I suspecte awhile back. Thinking it's some kind of guile, dishonesty or miscommunication.

The Rab also mentioned if we do kiddush levono in an attitude reminiscing that it's doubtful when is sthe right time. I know that it is celebrated 7 days into the month and was puzzled as to why he's raising the question? I retorted that Rosh Chodesh was Wednesday in contrast to the moled time which was Monday at 8 PM so it should be celebrated Tuesday. In fact, the Chinese are celebrating their new year which began Tuesday, also a lunar month. We know that the goyim use 12:00 AM as the change of day so by us Tuesday was erev Rosh Chodesh hence Rosh Chodesh for us being Wednesday.

The question bothered me as to what misguidedness he was pulling.

I hurried over to Bais Hatalmud and did not observe the customary pamphlets kiddush levono.

I headed to Faltshen to check out a heating problem that Chaya brought up after she returned from Shule in the morning. She wanted us to lend the Reb our electric heater since the boiler broke down.

On the way I met Vigdor, B. Herskowitz and I believe Fromowitz and queried if Bais Hatalmud has those pamphlets. Fromowitz answered emphatically NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!! I hinted there is no reason to be emphatic when a simple no would do. 

Then on the way I bumped into the elderly Hess. And asked him if one can celebrate moon blessing prior to 7 days. He retorted, "yes you may". Wondering why Rab Pollack made an issue about it. Or so I thought.

Upon enrering the shule I did not feel particularly cold, as Chaya said, but hesitated to go up to them and investigate further since they were supposedly heading to Monsey that evenuing and not wanting to disturb their plans.

Be that as it may, I headed back to the J, maybe metting the Pollacks and clarifying the variou issues. 

On the way Phillip hollered "a gut voch" from across the street at which time I crossed and shmoozed face to face. He said that he was coming from Ohel Moshe and they had made kiddush levono and that they do it on day 3 of the lunar calendar.

Got to the J at 6:55 PM to meet the security personnel in order not to betray the schedule issue he previously answered me. 

Finding nobody except some youngsters playing volley ball in the gym I used the rest room and balled up the towel paper I used for wahing and simulated catching a ball to the youngsters signifying a nod of community participation. I don't think they took it that eay, though.

After a few attempts I left and headed home. 

When I arrived in front of the house and before going up I thought of visiting Yitz and family who returned from Israel this past Friday and welcome them back. 

I talked to ZShe and she told me it was alright to come however Mati goes to sleep at 8:00 PM but she would keep her up for me. Then she said that Ani was playing basketball tonight and would be home at 9:00 PM. It all seemed too complicated so I told ZShe I'll take a rain check. She said OK and would tell Yitz of my call.

I finally got home and recounted to Chaya my shenanigans. Uneventful!

I then decided to write down my evenings activities as followed.

9:12 PM 1/28/2012 - reviwed this text.
9:37 PM 1/28/2012 - finished reviewing.