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How do you prepare?
Tishuvah is going to be a big deal , and they will tell people go ahead and do tishuva , you have this major tishuvah movement Shabsai and Natan encourages people to do self affliction, seegoofim , you downplay the needs of your body so you can pay attention to your soul , your guff suffers so you can get an attainment. There is a very small space in Yiddishkiet for seegoofim. There were and are certain tzadekim that feel they were ready to do this , because if its not done the proper way all you are is angry and hurt and you don’t have any spiritual epiphany. Now the average jaw is doing this miss guided.
You also have this massive Aleya movement , many sell their homes , businesses ect , at that time period its not so easy to move. 
The Glakuls Diaries she writes about what happened to her family , her In-laws went and packed up and moved closer to Israel. 
What are the Rabbanim saying?
Many Rabbis went along with Shabsai Tzvi , because there is such a mass tisuvah movement some Rabbis said hey don’t say anything even if he is not true , people are changing their lives!!
Their was a Rav one of the most outspoken opponents of Shabzai Tzvi - Rav Yaakov Sisportez , when he sow other Rabbis not coming out he said your foolish! The most important is having Jews to be faithful to Hashem in the long run this will be bad . In Amsterdam were Shabsai tzvi had a very strong support base and Rav Yaakov Sisportez gets death threats until he leaves and runs away with his family. Even though the opposing voice was the minority voice , there was an opposing voice. 
Shabsai goes ahead ans starts to change Halacha. The sultan of turkey has head about Shabsai Tzvi , for the most paty the si;tan did not mind because there was a boost of population and tourism people flock to shabsais city. Natan would charge for sessions on how to become a better person , they both become very rich.
The mishiach can not make changes to yiddishkiet , if they do it should be a red flag. Shabsai is in Izmir Smyrna and a week beafore Esara bitayvat he sais this year we will not fast , he got this based upon torah were it says about yimot hamishiach that " in the future the 4th fast the 5th fast and the seventh fast will all be happy days " ( all the fasts have to do with the churban of the bais Hamikdish ,) after the mishiach comes so then all the fast days will not apply, because the point of the fast will not exist … but shabsai this is premature ,,,,, you have not build the temple you have not returned the Diaspora , in the next few months there were rumors of shabsi eating trayf doing things a little immoral and yet he gets away with it , people who only saw the good side of him didn’t believe the rumors because people idolized him they worshiped him, he was very lovable and charismatic , so they were blinded by the negative rumors they herd " if you love someone all there flaws get pushed away." 
But then Shabsi does a bad move , they spread that they will override the sultan and take the sultans crown ( this is the ottoman empire and Israel is under) and return Binay Yisroel to Israel , so the sultan goes and imprisons Shabsai Tzvi in Gallipoli (1666), Shabsais people bribed so much that he has a lot of freedoms they turn the prison into a little like plaice , visitors are coming in the hundreds. In Poland the Jews hear about him and the Taz the leader of polish jewery sais hold on wait a minute I want to see for my self and the Taz is already and elderly fellow so he sends down his son and step son to check out shabsi , they are really a rep of all of polish Jewry. They are very respectful and nice. When the reps had gotten to Gallipoli its Monday 23 of tamiz, and in this fortress Shabsai commanded everybody that this day should be calibrated as Shabbat HaGadol, and we will bring a Kurban Pessach. The reps come down and everyone was walking around in Sat. clothing and keeping the Halachot , Shabsai tzvi is rosting the Kurban just like in the Bais Hamikdush , and he gives out the chaylayv that you are not aloud to eat. So the reps are respectful ,and Shabsai tzvi sends back precious gifts, let your dad know that I will take revenge on the bab polish . There was a top Kabbilist very well known Nichemya Kohin . And the reps say Nichemya HaKohen would love to meet you , so shabsai tzvi sais yeah I would love to meet him , they give shabsi tzvi the empression that nichemya is an ally and is backing shabsai . So nechmya comes in and they go behind closed doors and they go for 3 days and the door opens up and out comes nechmya kohen screaming false profit , trickster!!! Fake nothing ! Shabsai is not fazed, but nechmya has to get away quickly so michemya disguised himself as a Muslim and slips out. Okay we have to stop him but how? Maybe the sultan can help, this situation is getting out of control. Nechmya would say he Shabsai is a threat to you , and the sultan calls shabsai to his plaice in Adrianople and says conversion on die. And when I kill you it will be a slow painful death. The sultan advisors told him try to encouraging Shabsai for converting and make death the least god option. Here you have someone why kill him use him!
if we kill Shabsai Tzvi hell be martyr , it will not stop the passion of his followers ; Shabsai Tzvi chooses to convert 
" he bows infrunt of the king , asks the sultan can I please join your religion he takes off his keepa and he spits on it … disgraces Judaism. The sultan sais if you convert ill make you a minister in my cabinet , ill take care of you , sara and someof his followers also convert … his new name is Aziz Mohamed Effendi - in the begging people don’t believe that he converted, the sock though does set in , and people start to believe it … thousands of people are shocked and depressed .For the most part most of the jews did recover … picked up life as normal , some never got back , some angry , some went off the derech , some others still believe in him , Natan sais listen Shasai is the messiah you cant question him I'm telling you he is still coming , this is a test to see are we still going to have faith… Also this is Yiredda litzorech Aleya… there were a lot of justifications on this act .. Just like Moshe had to live first in Mitzrayim and the he went ahead and was the redeemer.
There are 2 groups of Jews that don’t get over him. After Shabsai converts he keeps contact with the jews , he starts to meet with jews secretly , the sultan heres that shabsai tzvi is not giving up … he kicked Shabsai out to an island Dulcingo 1670 … and at 1676 shabsai dies … a loner . From all the followers there was an extreem groupe the donmeh in 1687 a few hunderd of them convert to islanm too cuz just like there missiah commited … after he died they follow his wife and his bro inlaw … outwardly they look like muslims inwardly they live there lives like shabsai tzvinicks . They celebrate Shabbat as Monday lot of strange costumes. They only intermarry in each other , Hiltler a few hundred years latter killed them out. They left yiddishkiet so were not so scared. Worse is the Shabtaim - frum jews they live amoungst us and they seacretly still believe in shabbsai tzvi - this existed till 1800s you think that they are frum jews , and they are kofrim. Many cuchumim try very hard to rid people of being shabtaim. 
3rd to last page: 

Rambam: the missiah wil restore the majesty of the house of david , and do kebutz galeyot , all the laws that we don’t do now will eventually be returned ( shmita and Yovel) If your not wiating for missiah you’re a kofer in toras moshe skip a bit … X think that the melech HaMishicach has to do an Os OoMofays ,.. Don’t think he has to create new things in the world. Rabbi Akiva was one of the greatest …. And he was a supporter of bar Kochbah and he said he is the missiah and the rabbanim never asked for and Os and Mofays - they thought he was mishiach intil he was killed by his sins. 

( when Shabsai did Avayorot he would say - mateer Asurim - he who permits whats assur)