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11:21 AM 12/5/2011

2:30 AM wake up and plan/prepare the day. Go out and observe the mist/fog/dew in the air, covering the cars. Marvel at the fact that it's erev-saying Tal Umotor (tonight).

3:45 AM go to Bais Hatalmud (BH) and meditate/daven Maariv. Was still part of Gruen Boby's yohrtzeit (Shabbos) and being a chiyuv felt a special inspiration.

4:40 AM return home but leave T&T in shule. Inserted a name tag I lettered in the bag.

5:45 AM leave again with bag of JCH stuff to change into when I go for a shower in the morning, usually. Also bring with me duct tape to paste the name tag into the talis bytel's plastic case. Go to Ishei Yisroel morning kolel and do a "1 hour before davening" preparation. Have a coffee but bad vibes and left to wait at the JCH for opening, at 7:00 AM to leave my stuff in my private locker.

6:30 AM got impatient waiting so left to BH to have another coffee and paste the label into the bag.

6:40 AM I got to Rabbi Stein's shule (Faltichan shtibel) and have a coffee and try the JCH again. Of course it's open and leave my stuff there. I go back home for some miscellaneous things and hurry back to BH to get there at 7:30 AM, in time for starting Shacharis.

7:45 AM I return to Ishei Yisroel to confirm my previous vibes and it turned out to be a false alarm. I have another coffee, stay for 45 minutes and head back to BH.

8:35 AM I see that they are still in the middle of davening so I return home at 8:50 AM.

9:06 AM I place a call to Citibank regarding a dispute of $17.50 for a medicine (toe ointment) I ordered on line on November 2, 2011. They respond that by December 23 (1 month) they will know the result. I tracked the order on line and I now know that the shipping address was a mistake. I don't know how it happened. Instead of 7609 21 Ave it read 7609 2' Ave and the medication was returned to FLORENCE, KY on December 1. Why there I don't know. I called healthWarehouse. com based in Ohio and were unresponsive. So I'll see on the 23rd.
11:49 AM 12/5/2011