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As a sequel to the introduction, this serves to further explain the rational of this website.

As noted in the previous introduction this site began as a personal work in order to make sense of a struggle I was having in order to live in the State of Israel as legitimately as possible without the Messiah. 

I felt that just deciding to live there as is wasn't an adequate undertakung due to the fact that I was being extremely strringent with holiness, that is, after 2000 years of being away, making a decision of this magnitude, to move there, was treating the subject matter frivilously!

With the advent of creating this site, it indeed became more reasonable to move there. After all I didn't think that I had to go the full 9 yards and actually build the Temple. this effort was satisfactory.

Be that as it may certain factors seemed to block my move and am still in the preparatin stage.

As time went on I kept developing this site and started to integrate personal data into the site itself and kept on adding to it.

As it turned out I uploaded my Faamily Tree to the site. I felt a bit of discomffort in making the site too intimate, that this was not the veenue of so much personal information.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks!

The rational all of the sudden became clear for assimilating the building of the Temple with the insertin of the personal data, tree, etc.

There is legend that the Messiah will come in 2 stages, 1 Messiah son of Joseph (the "kibitz nidche yisruil", the ingathering of the exiles)the forerunner of the Messiaah the son of David!

What occured to me was that the addition of my Family Tree was symbolically the ingathering of the Jews to Israel, so to speak under one umbrela. Again it's symbolic, I don't mean to actually and physically get them over there. 

My family is only a samall part of the Jewish nation. But it is merely agaain, symbolic!

So this website turned out to be, unintentionally, a symbol of the coming oof the both Messiahs.

The work of the past 6 years wound up being an effort of such great meaning that it prompted me to share this as Introduction to my Site ll.

It makes so much sense to me that all srrious minded people who take the emergence of the State of Israel as the miracle of we have been praying and waiting for, I believe that it behooves each family to at least found a similar site.

It may even turn out if we merge/connect all Family Trees, we can really unite all jews by combining all the sites into 1 Family Tree.